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As I sat down at the laptop just now to write this Blog Post – which was intended to be about “Fit for Purpose” with regards fibre, intended result and type of processing – I could not but consider what is happening in our country at the moment. Then I received news that some of our closer Fibre Community friends are evacuating as I write. So “Fit for Purpose” will remain marked DRAFT and instead I will add the Australian Fibre Collective Board’s thoughts, prayers, hopes and sincere best wishes for safe travels for all our Friends, Members, Licensees and everyone we know associated with our Australian fibre community and all those impacted in ANY way by the fires. I am certain that you know people who have been or may soon be, impacted by these catastrophic events. Other than support all our emergency services personnel to the hilt and personally take every precaution we can to prevent further fires breaking out, there is little at this moment that we can do, but at the end – for there will be an end – those fortunate enough to have not been directly impacted will have plenty of opportunity to help.

Have courage Australia.

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