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Survey Results - 2023 Great Aussie Fibre Hamper

A BIG thankyou to everyone who took the trouble to respond to our recent survey about the Great Aussie Fibre Hamper.

We received 52 responses! 🙂

Of those, a whopping 95.83% want us to continue with 3 prizes, similar to last year's Great Aussie Fibre Hamper.

52% of the responders said that they would be attending this year's Sheep & Wool Show at Bendigo and 32% said maybe they would attend.

To the question would they be likely to buy licensed product  at The Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show in order to gain an entry in the hamper draw

72% said yes, 16% said no and 12% said they weren't going.

Thanks also to the people who took the time to offer suggestion for other activities in which the Australian Fibre Collective could organise or take part in.

We are currently considering these suggestions.

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