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Friends of  the Australian Fibre Collective

You can become a friend of the Australian Fibre Collective.  Membership is open to anyone has an interest in, or who wishes to learn more about any aspect of  naturally grown Australian fibres,  textiles or textile crafts.


Friends will receive all of the Australian Fibre Collective updates, access to forums and discounts on Australian Fibre Collective run events and merchandise. Joining the Australian Fibre Collective Inc. is a good way to link with others in the industry, and discover what interesting things are happening.

Supporting the Australian fibre indusry

Providing a platform to bring businesses and individuals together

The Australian Fibre and Textile Industry comprises many small businesses each creating something special and often unaware of other small businesses they could easily collaborate with. Our members area contains ever growing lists of Australian Fibre Growers, Manufacturers, Textile Artists, Designers and Craftspeople to facilitate these links.

Our Mission

Sharing Knowledge

The Australian Fibre Collective Inc. is fortunate to have amongst its ranks, people with vast experience and knowledge across the Australian Fibre and Textile Industries; people willing to share this knowledge and learned experience with others. Australian Fibre Collective Inc.  Members have access to our informative Blog well as our forum. They also have discounted entry into all Australian Fibre Collective Inc. run  workshops and events

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