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Licensee Directory

Listed below are all the wonderful people who support the Australian textile industry and have product licenced with the Australian fibre Collective. Click on their photos to visit their websites. PLEASE support our licensees as they have supported our Australian Farmers, Processors and Artists. Click Here to go to a list of all the products licenced with the Australian Fibre Collective

Raw Fibre

Cashmere Connections
Licensee no. 0001


Cashmere Connections is a family owned and run business. Cashmere Growers,Trisha and Charles Esson, formed Cashmere Connections in 2003 in response to the lack of processing facilities in Australia to value add to the Australian Cashmere Clip.

Located in Bacchus Marsh, our factory houses an extensive range of top making equipment as well as our dehairing machinery. Using this equipment, the skilled staff at Cashmere Connections are able to prepare a range of natural fibres for worsted, semi- worsted and woollen spinning.

00001  Alpaca Top

00002  Alpaca Fill

00003  8 ply Merino Yarn

00004  Suri Locks

00005  Coloured Wool Tops

00006  16.4um Merino Wool Tops

00007  Merino Wool Tops

00008  Dehaired Cashmere

00009  Cashmere Sliver

00010  Silver Mohair

00011  Berringa Blend

00012  Kingston Blend

00013  Merino / Cashmere Blend

00014  Dinky Die Gossamer Blend

00070 Fairview Polwarth top.

Raw Fibre

Karoa Fibres
Licensee no. 0002


Karoa Fibres is family run business producing a range of products based on natural fibres. The business is run from the family property "Karoa" just outside of Corowa within the Southern Riverina district of NSW.

Running a large flock of coloured sheep, Sue and John have been breeding sheep and value-adding to the fleeces for over 35 years.

00015  Raw Fleece

00016  Top

00017  Commercially Spun Blend

00018  Handspun Yarn

00019  Dyed Commercial Yarn

00020  Dyed Handspun Yarn

00021  Commercially Knitted Products

00022  Handcrafed Products

Raw Fibre

Fibre Naturally
Licensee no. 0003

fibre naturally.jpg

We are a specialty fibre-processing mill located at Macclesfield just outside Melbourne in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.

Our aim is to provide the opportunity for alpaca breeders to value add their own fleeces by having them processed to their requirements. We can process your individual fleeces separately or your entire fleece clip with the latest “state of the art” fibre processing equipment.

We are focused on producing quality luxurious alpaca yarn, batts and bumps which highlight the magnificent natural colour range available from the alpaca

00023 Carded Bumps and Batts

00024  Dyed Carded Bumps and   Batts

00025  Natural Coloured Yarn

00026  Dyed Yarns

00027  Finished Products

Raw Fibre

Tabandy Farm
Licensee No. 0004


Tabandy Farm is home to a flock of rescued and preloved liquorice-all-sorts flock of sheep, and camels, producing beautiful wool rovings and yarn for textile artists, felters and spinners. Tabandy Farm custom dyes for craftspeople and textile artists. Tabandy Farm products also include Lincoln longwool and Mohair for dolls hair, and Linwassi rare breeds yarn. Tabandy Farm offers group workshops and entrepreneurial small business programs ‘from paddock to fleece’ for schools from preschool through to high school. Teacher development day enquiries are also welcome

00032  Raw Fleece

00033  Top

00034  Handspun Yarn 

00035  Knitted Garments

00036  Felted Garmets

Raw Fibre

The Lucky Ewe
Licensee no. 0005


WE LOVE TEXTILES - spinning, weaving and dyeing, as well as crochet and knitting and the Studio door is open on a very limited basis. We are usually spinning or weaving and we're always happy to demonstrate or help you out with techniques or thoughts!

00037  English Leicester Raw Fleece

00038  English Leiceste Top

00039  English Leiceste Yarn

Raw Fibre

Paddock to Product
Licensee no. 0006


Paddock to Product is a husband and wife team based in North Queensland. We have a passion for textiles, combining traditional and non-traditional methods when creating One Of A Kind (OOAK) pieces.

We start with the raw fleece straight off the animals back. We gently wash, comb, card, dye and spin the fleece by hand. A slow methodical process that gives us full control.

The fibres allow us to manipulate it to create an organic feel  and design. Imperfections add to the uniqueness. Fibre lends itself to contemporary, modern and functional items like felted cloche hats for those cold days  and pot socks to put your potted plants in.

Paddock to Product produces spun wool, felt and felt items, crochet and knitted wearable art.

John and Sue Sandeman

00078     Hand crafted products       

00079     Hand spun Fibres

Raw Fibre

Great Southern Yarn
Licensee no. 0007

GSY Logo.png

Great Southern Yarn was launched in 2017 by Jennifer Smart and Andrew Wilshire. It was created as a 100% Australian Yarn, with animal welfare, sustainability and ethical values integral in the production of our yarn ranges.  Our SRS merino fleece is single origin, sourced from a mob of 130 sheep at Mt Bodangora, NSW. Both the Huacaya and Suri alpaca fleece are also sourced from single origin producers. Fully processed in Victoria, Great Southern Yarn is luxuriously soft, perfect for hand knitting and crocheting garments and accessories. Our yarn is available in a range of 38 undyed and hand-dyed colourways.

00028  SRS Merino Yarn

00029  SRS Merino / Alpaca Blend Yarn

Raw Fibre

Pirate Purl Yarns
Licensee no. 0008


Pirate Purl Yarns are dyed by Katrina Kellett in her studio in Newcastle, Australia.

Katrina dyes yarn in small batches, carefully handling each skein.  She uses acid dyes with food-grade citric acid as the setting agent.  All the dye is exhausted from the dye pots, so there are no nasties going into drains and it is possible reuse the water in the dyebath multiple times.

Once the dye process is complete, the yarn takes a short wool wash soak to ensure all the citric acid is removed.   The yarns have not had any 'superwash' treatment and must be washed gently by hand in cold water as they are feltable.

All yarn bases have been sourced from small Australian producers who guarantee humane treatment of their livestock.  The yarn bases licenced by the Australian Fibre Collective are grown by Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud.   Cloverleaf is a small farm in Bullengarook, Victoria whose business is underpinned by concepts of growth, quality and generosity.

00030  4 Ply Corridale Hand Dyed

00031  8 ply Corridale Hand Dyed

Raw Fibre

ORA Designz Alpaca Knitwear and Accessories
Licencee no. 0009


ORA was born through a combined passion for natural fibres and textiles

ORA Co-founder Carolyn’s association with alpacas started in 1993 when she started Windella Alpacas. Windella’s breeding aim was one of quality alpaca producing high quality coloured fleece with an emphasis on the production of true-black.

Later in life, with the development of the Windella herd, love of alpaca and their fibre, her passion for natural fibre rekindled and with a chance meeting with ORA Co-founder, textile artist, Jo, in 2010, the pathway was laid.

Jo has a life long interest in textiles and their creation. Textile and garment creation have followed through the generations in her family. The magic of spinning opens Jo’s horizons to creating fabric especially using natural raw fibres, with an almost exclusive use of alpaca and incorporating other luxury natural fibres such as silk, cashmere, fine merino or qiviut.

As kindred spirits their passions collided, ORA was born and together they have taken alpaca from the grazing animal to the production of soft, lustrous yarns and an exclusive textile range of luxurious, sustainable, classical and unique garments and accessories.

00040  Alpaca Handspun Yarn

00041  Alpaca and Wool Handspun Yarn

00042  Alpaca and Cotton Handspun Yarn

00043  Alpaca Handspun Yarn - PACO MOLINO 

00044  Alpaca and Wool Handspun Yarn- PACO MOLINO

00045  Alpaca and Cotton Handspun Yarn- PACO MOLINO

00046  Alpaca Yarn Commercial 

00047  Alpaca Rovings

00048  Wool Roving

00049  Cotton Link

00050  Alpaca Home Furnishing

00051  Alpaca and Wool

00052  Alpaca and Cotton Home Furnishing

00053  Alpaca Hand knit/felt garmet

00054  Alpaca and Wool Hand knit/felt garmet

00055  Alpaca and Cotton Hand knit/felt garmet

00056  Alpaca felted Hat

00057  Alpaca and Wool Felted hat

00058  Alpaca and cotton felted hat

00059  Alpaca Fibre

Raw Fibre

The Odd Sockery
Licensee no. 0010


The journey began with the importing of an Antique Gearheart Circular hand cranked Sock Machine Circa 1904, brought back to working life from its previous American Museum home. 
The Odd Sockery was born as a partnership between friends Janine Wilson and Leanne Wills who have both worked with, and been lovers of fibre since childhood. 
Now with the circular sock machines they are creating socks and other assorted items, limited only by their imaginations.

00060  Pure wool socks

00061  Hand Spun Yarn

Raw Fibre

Beersheba Farm
Licensee no. 0011

Beersheba Logo web.jpg

Nestled in a picturesque valley in North-East Victoria, Beersheba Farm is home to several breeds of sheep: Merino, two rare breed stud flocks (English Leicester and Drysdale) and Castledale - a new breed we are developing specifically for the handcraft market to provide an Australian alternative to some popular imported wool types.

Focusing on the hand-spinner and fibre-crafter, our aim is to supply home-grown quality raw fleece, hand-dyed wool and yarns. All our processing is done in Australia with all the wool used being from our farm.  

Our products are sold direct to woolcraft customers both locally and overseas, including raw fleece, scoured/washed fleece and the combed top (the stage before yarn). The washed fleece and combed tops are sold either undyed or hand-dyed at Beersheba Farm.

 Our products are sold through our website:

00062  Raw Fleece from Beersheba Farm

00063  Wool tops sourced from Beersheba Farm

00064  Dyed Tops Sourced from Beersheba Farm

00065  Dyed Carded Bumps and Batts

00066  Handspun Yarn

00067  Dyed Handspun Yarn

Raw Fibre

Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud
Licensee no. 0012


Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud is located in the Macedon Ranges, 50 minutes from Melbourne. The sheep move about the property remaining in family groups. They are inquisitive and friendly = happy sheep, and they are moved from paddock to paddock by calling them; low tech and low stress. All money raised by the fleece, tops and yarn is re-invested back into their care and to improve the property they call home.

As the CLOVERLEAF founder, Ronelle does more than wrangle sheep. With more than 10 years of organisational and research experience, she’s obsessed with developing and supporting fibre communities with authentic, ethical products. In her spare time Ronelle also supports animal rescue, enjoys a good red wine, and runs a B&B."

00068  Raw Fleece

00069  Worsted Yarn - corriedale

Raw Fibre

Granite Haven Gotlands & Llama
Licensee no. 0014


 Granite haven Gotland’s was conceptualized in 2008

The journey of the Gotland’s was realized in 2010 in the idealistic Strathbogie ranges with the first drop of Gotland lambs in 2010. We are in central Victoria 1 .5 hours from Melbourne.

Our focus was to realize the paddock to customer relationship. The sale of fleece, raw or dyed, rovings, top, and yarn no order too small. Cheryl dyes all the products at the farm.

The relationship of customer service and farm visits legitamizes that we are 100% Australian grown and processed. Totally traceable.

The Gotland fibre journey has extended our social circle introducing us to many talented people.

Our products may be purchased on line at and at farm on pre arranged visits

00071    Raw Gotland Fleece

00072    Dyed Gotland Fleece

00073    Gotland Top 

00074    Wool Rovings

00075    Rovings wool / Llama

00076    Yarn processed

00077    Handknitted products .

Raw Fibre

Lucy Land
Licensee no. 0015


00095 4 & 8 ply Merino Yarn (plain or dyed)

00096 Handmade products

Raw Fibre

Coonong Station
Licensee no. 0016

ethical outback_edited.jpg

Ethical Outback Wool by Coonong Station is the only Certified Humane wool producer in Australia and also Responsible Wool Standard Certified. We use only our wool grown on Coonong Station, in the Riverina in Southern NSW. Ethical Outback Wool is created and owned by Sophie, Kimmy and Maggie. Our aim is to produce quality Australian-made, ethical woollen products that reflect the true natural characteristics of Coonong Station's white and coloured Dohne Merino wool flocks.


00087 Wool Tops.

Raw Fibre

Tin Dragon Cottages
Licensee no. 0018


"In our alpaca shop, fibre from our own small alpaca herd has been washed, opened, carded then condensed into a continuous sliver/roving using a small electrical mini mill.

All Tin Dragon Cottage’s power is generated on site using a 4.7kW micro-hydro system, 17.5kW ofsolar PV and 27kWh Tesla battery storage. Hence our fibre mill can operate independently of the grid. Furthermore we harvest rain water from our buildings' rooves and recycle all  our grey water (including water from our fibre mill) on to our paddocks. We use on organic methods in our paddock maintenance."

00078  Washed & Carded Alpaca

00079  Handspun Alpaca Fibre

00080  Handspun and Hand Dyed Alpaca

Raw Fibre

Shropshire Woolies
Licensee no. 0019


Shropshire Sheep, a British Breed from the border hills of Staffordshire and Shropshire, originated from a horned breed, with black points. The fleece was highly sort after. Farmers decided to cross with  Southdown to remove the horns, then the New Leicester was used. Producing the Shropshire sheep of today. A medium sized sheep, gentle nature, used in Orchards, etc.  The Downs fleece approx. 4 inch in staple length, is easy to spin, resilient, can be plied with other fleece. I use the spun fleece for knitting anything. Micron ranges from 23 upwards. Lambs fleece can start at around 18 microns. Of course each sheep has its own individual micron. Shropshires come in white and coloured. My flock is 100% Australian. Been in Australia since some time in 1800’s

00102 Fleece

00103 Yarn

00104 Hand dyed Yarn

00105 Knitted products from undyed and Dyed Yarn

Raw Fibre

Fibre Arts Shed
Licensee no 0020


Fibre Arts Shed, located on the beautiful NSW Central Coast hinterland, is owned by Clare and Paul Thornley. They supply a range of fibres for all types of craft and also offer a fibre processing service. Clare and Paul are particularly excited about their FAST Fibre Collection. FAST (Fibre Arts Shed Traceable) Fibre for Slow Craft is their initiative to make available to their customers locally grown and traceable wool and alpaca fibres. FAST Fibres are sourced and processed by them in small batch runs at the Fibre Arts Shed. A portion from the sale of FAST Fibre will be donated to the Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre, which has been providing primary health care to the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community on the Central Coast for the last 25 years.

00081   Raw Wool and Alpaca

00082   Carded wool and alpaca.

00083   Natural and Dyed Mohair curls

00084   Handspun yarn

00085   Knitted, crocheted and woven products

Raw Fibre

The Sock Maker
Licensee no 0022


The sock maker is Janine Wilson, an artisan based in Central Victoria who hand makes a range of socks on her antique circular sock machines.
These machines date back to the early 1900's.
Janine uses the beautiful fleece from her small flock of coloured sheep to produce yarn and create quality unique Australian pure wool socks.
She also makes a range of wool blend, hand dyed socks and other items on the machines, including beanies, gloves and scarves.


00086 Socks and Beenies

Raw Fibre

Earth and Moon
Licensee no 0024



00097 Wool Felt

00098 Wool Batts

00099 Wool Tops

Raw Fibre

Licensee no 0025


Tarndwarncoort is one of Victoria’s oldest surviving homesteads + the continuation of one of Australia’s oldest family sheep farms.

Today, the Dennis family still grow wool + invite you to share the farm’s bucolic setting.

00088 Polwarth top Natural

00089 Polwarth top Hand Dyed

00090 Polwarth Fleece

00091 Polwarth Yarn (commercially spun)

00092 Polwarth Yarn (Handspun)

00093 Sheepskin (polwarth)

00094 Sheepskin (Merino)

Raw Fibre

Rangiora Corriedales
Licensee no 0027

Rangiora Corriedales.jpg

Rangiora Corriedales is a boutique, family-owned and run sheep stud based on the outskirts of Melbourne. Rangiora means ‘place of peace’.

We breed, show and promote the wonderful Corriedale breed. Corriedale fleece combines the softness and bounce of pure Merino with the lustre and long staple of the Lincoln Longwool. We are proud members of the Australian Corriedale Association.

Our aim is to improve our bloodlines, breeding true to standard. We have created a productive, harmonious environment for our sheep, incorporating ethical farming practices. We love happy sheepies!

Corriedales are gentle, easy-care animals and are wonderful mothers. Our Corriedales produce heavy cutting, bright fleeces, with good length staple and an even crimp. Average micron 25 to 30, average fleece weight 6kg.

Rangiora produces quality raw fleece on a small scale, perfect for the spinner, felter and fibre artist.

We are proudly sponsored by Vitec Organics.


Rangiora promotes the advancement of women in agriculture and we love to support local and Australian grown.


100% homegrown in Victoria, Australia.

00111 Corriedale Fleece

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