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The Australian Fibre Collective is a not for profit Association, formed  with the aim of increasing awareness of the Australian Fibre and Textile Industry whilst eliminating some of the confusion in the market place regarding Australian made Fibre and Textile products. Licensees who use our Registered Trade Mark, have been carefully audited by Australian Fibre Collective Inc. representatives, to ensure that the products displaying the Trade Mark are indeed 100% Australian grown, manufactured and or crafted products.

The purposes of the association are—

  1. The promotion of 100% Australian grown and fully Australian manufactured fibre products.

  2. To enable consumers to readily identify authentic 100% Australian grown and Australian manufactured fibre products.

  3. Encourage transparency of supply chain from fleece to finished product.

  4. Encourage the use of sustainable low carbon footprint fibres.

  5. Educate consumers about fibre products; the supply chain.

  6. To be the representative organisation for all people involved in the production of Australian Fibre and textile products irrespective of what stage/s in the supply chain in which they are involved.

  7. Encourage Collective member monitoring of fibre products in order to maintain credibility in our brand.

Latest News

20th October 2019

New trademark to recognise 100 per cent Australian-produced fibre

Here we go the news is out!
Welcome to the official launch of The Australian Fibre Collective

August 14th, 2019

Board Meeting set for 19th of September

The board meeting has been set. Hope you're ready

August 8th 2019

Australian Fibre Collective is now incorporated

Australian Fibre Collective has received notification that we are incorporated. Things are starting to happen!!

Industry Events

The Bale and Beyond - Online Event

Thursday 13th May


We invite you to register for an afternoon exploring the Bale and Beyond. This afternoon conference will be of particular interest to:

  • Fibre producers wishing to value add to their clips, or better prepare their clips for processing

  • Those who want to learn how to navigate the Australian Textile Industry from fibre producer through to finished product.

  • People wanting to create a quality locally sourced textile products.

  • Consumers just wanting to know more about the fibre products they buy and how they are made.

Join us for an afternoon where our experts walk you through the industry in Australia from Sheep to Jumper (or blanket, socks, suits… the possibilities are endless).

Email enquiries@australianfibrecollective.org for zoom link

Campbell town show

28th and 29th May

We will have a Stand at the Campbell Town Show this year. Please come along and have a chat to us to find out what we do and how you can support the Australian Fibre industry.